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So I recently made modifications to the ssh_config file to make sure that passwords are rotated every 60 days and require it. Well, guess what? If you have not created a password within the 60 days then the EC2 instance will be locked until this is done. So I needed…

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I have noticed a trend of articles treating the Log4j Shell vulnerability the same but should all versions be treated the same. The answer to this is NO. So let’s get to the bottom of this.

First CVE stands for Common Vulnerability and Exposures and these are different than CWEs…

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The Node Exporter is a service from Prometheus that allows for the extraction of node information via an Application Program Interface (API). If you are reading this then you probably are well aware of this. If you are installing the node exporter then you can read my article here. This…

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Want to easily get information about your virtual machines (aka EC2) and send that data to Grafana. Well in this article I will show you how to set up the Node Exporter which is used to send analytic information to Prometheus. Of course, Prometheus is hooked up to Grafana. This…

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