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@rockylinux | Static Application Security Testing | Image | Containers | Tomcat Server | Oracle JDK

Step 1. Identify the Required Java and Tomcat Server Required

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Container | Kubernetes | Development | Enterprise

Step 1. Pull down the GitHub Repo from Oracle

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  • Contain a Managed Account — Administrator account to AWS

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Mockaroo | Azure | sqlcmd utility | Powershell


  • Have an existing Azure SQL Database with permissions in order to create tables and insert records.

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Azure Resource Manager (ARM)| Snapshot | Azure CLI


  • Assumes you already created a Virtual Network (VNet), Network Security Groups (NSGs), and Subnet to associate to the below Virtual Machine.
  • Assumes you have Azure CLI Installed
  • Assumes you have the capability to run ARM Templates

Step 1. Creating the Snapshot

# Must already have a Virtual…

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OpenShift | Kubernetes | CI/CD | Tekton


  • That you have an OpenShift Cluster or Kubernetes Cluster with Tekton
  • Assume that you have privileges to run Tekton Tasks and Task Runs.
  • Have access to

Pulling Down the Trivy Database

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  • Already have a HashiCorp Vault Server unsealed with admin privileges.
  • Should also have a Token used to login…

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Kubernetes | ArgoCD CLI


  • ArgoCD is installed on a Kubernetes Cluster
  • That you can access the ArgoCD via the ArgoCD CLI
  • Have access to update a ConfigMap within the Kubernetes Cluster

Access ArgoCD via the CLI and View a List of Users

argocd login <hostname> --username admin --grpc-web-root-path /
argocd account list

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Ambassador | Mappings | Kubernetes / K8s


  • That you already have a Kubernetes (K8s) cluster with Ambassador API Gateway Installed
  • Already have ArgoCD installed

The Known


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