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I have made the switch to Manjaro Linux. As i make this switch there are items that take a little more understanding compared to Windows. This article will cover how to setup a standard SCR3310 CAC reader with Manjaro Linux.

The CAC reader i am referencing can be bought at Newegg. The first thing i would recommend is reviewing the list of USB devices that are currently installed. This can be done by running:

mhwd -lh -d --usb

In my case the CAC Reader was already found by Manjaro; which is amazing. Below are my results:

04: USB 00.0: 10e00…

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Manjaro | Linux | Pacaur | Packman

Step 1. Install pacaur Package Manager

  1. Install the expac and jq dependencies by running:
sudo pacman -S expac jq

2. Download the git registry for auracle-git:


Note: I tried running “sudo pacman -S auracle-git; but the package was not found.

4. Un Tar the file buy running:

tar -xzf auracle-git.tar.gz

5. Change to the auracle-git directory:

cd auracle-git

6. Install the meson, gtest, and gmock dependencies prior to build by running:

sudo pacman gtest meson gmock

7. Build the auracle-git package by running:

makepkg PKGBUILD --skippgpcheck --noconfirm

8. Great now we can install auracle-git via packman by running:

pacman -U auracle-git-*

Download the pacaur…

With ProtonVPN you can obtain a free VPN connection. Of course this is only one free VPN connection. I recently removed myself from Windows based environment and moved to Manjaro. So this article will explain how to setup ProtonVPN on Manjaro.

Step 1. Install Required Python Libraries using Pacman

Run the following:

sudo pacman -S openvpn dialog python-pip python-setuptools

Step 2. Install the Python Version of ProtonVPN

Run the following:

sudo pip3 install protonvpn-cli

Step 3. Initializing your VPN

Run the following:

sudo protonvpn init

Note: Your login information will be located at Account -> “OpenVPN / IKEv2 username”. Utilize…

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Containerization | AWS | Economics 101

I recently was asked about how to estimate the cost utilized within a Kubernetes environment. The economics of dealing with On-Premises to the Cloud is well defined. However, the capability of estimating the cost of running orchestrated containerization is not well defined. In this article, I am going to explain how to estimate this cost and setup involving baselines to help analyze cost. Let’s start with a baseline. The baseline can be created on a couple of factors: Availability and Resource Allocation.

Application/Service Availability

Availability identifies how long an application or service needs to be available based on the demand. …

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I recently changed my Operating System to Manjaro. As a operations/developer i want to scan my images with Trivy locally. There was one article i did find on how to do this; however, it was mixed into other methods. So i am writing an article that just talks about this particular situation.

Step 1. Make sure that you have base-devel

First make sure that the base-devel is installed. You can do this by running the following with pacman:

sudo pacman -S base-devel git

The base-devel package is needed for the fakeroot-binary. The fakeroot is for the pikaur package manager. Currently the Trivy-Bin is only available via the pikaur…

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You should always understand how to utilize the tools within Manjaro. One of those tools is the Network Manager cli. We will utilize the Network Manager cli to look up the networks available and change them.

  1. Open up a terminal window and run the following to see available networks:
nmcli device wifi list

I really like this interface as it show the network availability ranges in color groups.

2. To select a network then run the following:

nmcli d wifi connect <name of SIDD> password '<router password>'

Of course the d stands for devices. Then we will utilize the connect…

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Manjaro | Delete Microsoft | Add Linux |

Big Tech stands for the large enterprises within the private sector that controls the market. I decided over a weekend to take the incremental approach of remove myself from utilizing Big Tech software. Agile is a process usually seen in delivering goods and services to a customer. However, i decided to take this approach myself when changing the tools and processes i used from day to day. I started off with a hypothesis to help define the vision of where i was headed and then what i considered success.

I plan on…

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Image of the Linux Distribution installing on the tablet. Image By Kevin Summersill

I am writing this article because yet again another topic I found hard to find on the internet. At least a step by step in guiding me on how to do this. Now, these files such as the firmware and the correct Odin version was not easy at all to find as this is an archived device. But, lucky you! I have found all the files needed in order to make this happen.


  • Of course, you must have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or similar model. …

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