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I recently had to provision an EC2 with multiple attached Elastic Block Storage volumes. However, once it was provisioned I needed to mount some directories to utilize these EBS volumes.

So let's get started. Log in to your terminal as a root (Administrator) user.

Step 1. Create a Directory

So the first step is just…

Cryptocurrency is the new way of transferring financial transactions. If you do not believe me then look at this article from the lead of the FDIC. Remember the Bank's fees for ATM Withdrawals, wire transfers, and etc. Well, guess what with Crytpo that is out of the window for banks…

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If you are going to start a project then you should probably start the project right. This means creating a repeatable process so that when the next developer works don't the project they can start back on it with ease. So how do we do this? Well, we can do…

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