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Tekton | Google | CI/CD | GitHub | Image Registry | Build |

Understanding Tekton alone is a little difficult to understanding coming in. Then you add how to set up Kubernetes secrets and authentication to a GitHub project on top of that. Well, it gets a little overwhelming. That is why I am writing this article to hopefully simplify the process by example.

What is a Task Run?

Well, a Task Run is an executed set of instructions that then tell the “Task” what to do. For instance, you use the Task Run to push parameter values to the Task.

What is a Task?

A Task is an actual flow that is…

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Azure | CLI | Snapshots | Portal | osDisk | DataDisk | VHD

I recently had some issues with a VHD where the osDisk would not allow me in via RDP. That is the reason I am writing this article. This article will cover how to create an Unattached Managed osDisk that can be attached to a new Virtual Machine.

Step 1. Create a Snapshot

Create a Snapshot from existing Virtual Machine osDisk or dataDisk:

az snapshot create --resource-group <resource-group-name> --source "<source id of the disk>" --name <name-of-snapshot>

Step 2. Create an Unattached Azure OsDisk from Snapshot

az disk create --resource-group fac-trax-dev --name osdisk-geoserver --source <snapshot-source>

Note: You can add the following attributes:

--size-gb > Identifies the size of the disk --sku > Identifies the type of…

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Azure | CLI | AzureRM | Storage Account Explorer | ARM Template

I decided to write an update to date article on how to transfer the osDisk snapshot to a storage account. Most articles I saw online were outdated on the Azure CLI. So let's begin.

There are some prerequisites for this article.

  1. That you have an Azure Portal Account with the Azure CLI Installed.
  2. That you already have an osDisk snapshot that can be exported.

Step 1. Get the Account Key for the “Destination” Storage Account

az storage account keys list --resource-group <resource-group-nm> --account-name <destination-storage-account-name> --query '[0].value'

The query command will output the first key that can be used to…

AWS | KOps | Development | Kubernetes | High Availability

I needed to set up an environment for my development team, allowing them to utilize one of the same tools used for the CKA exam and an environment to obtain real hands-on experience for onboarding to K8s. So let's explain how this is done.


  • Must have the AWS CLI installed
  • Must have the KOps CLI installed
  • Must have a valid AWS Admin account associated with the Profile for the AWS CLI.

Step 1. Identify the AMI

This section will identify the particular AMI that will be utilized by KOps based on the particular region in AWS.

aws ec2 describe-images --region us-east-1 --output table --owners…

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Many organizations have their own model on what they determine as “Infrastructural Maturity”. However, they never identify and describe what this looks like. These organizations do not describe how to do this by using actual technology. Instead, they utilize buzz words that track marketing. Some of these words include containerization, DevSecOps, GitOps, Scalability, Availability, and Value Stream Mapping. The truth about Infrastructural Maturity is that it is unique to every organization. The key factor is that “Governance” controls the very speed at which technology is delivered to the customer. Every organization has its own set of Governance. Another factor to…

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Screen Capture | OBS | Workaround | Open Broadcaster Software

Ever had an issue with your screen capture not working in OBS? Was it after you upgraded your Nvidia graphics card? Well, hopefully, this workaround will work for you. This might also work for any general issues as well as other graphics cards. In particular, my laptop is using a Geforce GTX.


  • Make sure that you have OBS installed.
  • If you have OBS installed make sure that it is currently closed.

Step 1. Access the Graphics Settings.

a. In windows go to the search bar.

b. Type in the following “Graphics Settings”.

c. Select Graphics Settings

OpenShift | AWS | Kubernetes | API Gateway | Helm3

I decided to write this article as i saw that there were none for OpenShift specifically with Ambassador API Gateway. This process is very simple and straight forth as OpenShift is basically Kubernetes with some twists.


  • Make sure that you contain access to your K8s cluster via kubectl as i will demoing using it. You can however using the OpenShift CLI if you want to as well. They are pretty much the same when running these commands.
  • Make sure that you are using an OpenShift cluster. In this example i will be utilize a 4.7 …

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I have made the switch to Manjaro Linux. As i make this switch there are items that take a little more understanding compared to Windows. This article will cover how to setup a standard SCR3310 CAC reader with Manjaro Linux.

The CAC reader i am referencing can be bought at Newegg. The first thing i would recommend is reviewing the list of USB devices that are currently installed. This can be done by running:

mhwd -lh -d --usb

In my case the CAC Reader was already found by Manjaro; which is amazing. Below are my results:

04: USB 00.0: 10e00…

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Manjaro | Linux | Pacaur | Packman

Step 1. Install pacaur Package Manager

  1. Install the expac and jq dependencies by running:
sudo pacman -S expac jq

2. Download the git registry for auracle-git:


Note: I tried running “sudo pacman -S auracle-git; but the package was not found.

4. Un Tar the file buy running:

tar -xzf auracle-git.tar.gz

5. Change to the auracle-git directory:

cd auracle-git

6. Install the meson, gtest, and gmock dependencies prior to build by running:

sudo pacman gtest meson gmock

7. Build the auracle-git package by running:

makepkg PKGBUILD --skippgpcheck --noconfirm

8. Great now we can install auracle-git via packman by running:

pacman -U auracle-git-*

Download the pacaur…

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