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Install AppGate Client for Manjaro

  1. Install the expac and jq dependencies by running:

2. Download the git registry for auracle-git:

Note: I tried running โ€œsudo pacman -S auracle-git; but the package was not found.

4. Un Tar the file buy running:

5. Change to the auracle-git directory:

6. Install the meson, gtest, and gmock dependencies prior to build by running:

7. Build the auracle-git package by running:

8. Great now we can install auracle-git via packman by running:

Download the pacaur installer:

9. Change to the pacaur directory:

10. Now run the following to make the package for pacaur:

Install NodeJS

Note: I had issues with finding nodejs package with pacman. After doing an update on pacman i was able to find the correct registry for the package.

Next run the following to install AppGate Client:

Great! You show now have AppGate installed for Manjaro.

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