Make the Move to ProtonVPN for Free and install on Manjaro

With ProtonVPN you can obtain a free VPN connection. Of course this is only one free VPN connection. I recently removed myself from Windows based environment and moved to Manjaro. So this article will explain how to setup ProtonVPN on Manjaro.

Step 1. Install Required Python Libraries using Pacman

Run the following:

sudo pacman -S openvpn dialog python-pip python-setuptools

Step 2. Install the Python Version of ProtonVPN

Run the following:

sudo pip3 install protonvpn-cli

Step 3. Initializing your VPN

Run the following:

sudo protonvpn init

Note: Your login information will be located at Account -> “OpenVPN / IKEv2 username”. Utilize the account username and token in the init or you will not be able to establish a connection.

Step 4. Initializing a Connection to Fastest Server

Now we need to connect to the VPN server. You can do this by running:

sudo protonvpn c -f

Great! You should now be connected to a VPN. To find out the location of the VPN you can now go to here:

You can always disconnect by running:

protonvpn disconnect


protonvpn d

Hope this helps! Happy surfing!

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