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Setting up Common Access Card (CAC) Reader on Manjaro Linux

I have made the switch to Manjaro Linux. As i make this switch there are items that take a little more understanding compared to Windows. This article will cover how to setup a standard SCR3310 CAC reader with Manjaro Linux.

The CAC reader i am referencing can be bought at Newegg. The first thing i would recommend is reviewing the list of USB devices that are currently installed. This can be done by running:

In my case the CAC Reader was already found by Manjaro; which is amazing. Below are my results:

Now for the scratch your head part. You cannot utilize your CAC even though the CAC reader is found. The next step is to start the PC/SC Smart Card Daemon service. This can be done by running:

Let’s check the status of the service and make sure everything is ok. Run the following:

Should get something simlar:

Now lets enable this service so we do not have to run this every time we restart. This can be done by running:

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