What is Baby Saitama Inu and should I invest?

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⚗ Kevin Summersill 🔋
2 min readOct 19, 2021

I thought Baby Saitama Inu was ridiculous when I first heard about it. But, the chart does not lie. Over the last 7 days, the token has gone up to 1394%. Insane! So what is Baby Saitama Inu? Baby Saitama is a meme coin much like that of Shiba Inu. It rewards its holders with a 2% redistribution and a 2% burn on every transaction. That is crazy. As Baby Saitama has already added the burn to its token. Now they say you can use Trust Wallet or MetaMask wallets to do trades; however, I just use a Coinbase wallet. That will work as well. This is because the swap needs to be done via UniSwap. Of course, never invest anything you cannot afford to lose. On another upside, the note is that Baby Saitama is currently ranked as #2811 for cryptocurrency. Let’s see where it is by next week when I update this article. I also want to mention the number of Holders at the time of this article. The current number of holders is 4,587. Let’s see what happens next week as well.

1394% Chart in 7 Days

Now Baby Saitama Inu is the little brother too Saitama Inu. Which will have news very soon in Las Vegas. Do not take my word for it look for it here: https://saitamatoken.com/?saitaroute=vegas

Another great news is that Baby Saitama will be listing on XT.com very soon. Do not take my word on it again. Look here: https://www.xt.com/tradePro/babysaitama_usdt

So now the answer is should you invest. Well, the answer is why not? The amount that you get for your dollar is great right now. The timing seems right. Also, today is the day that Bitcoin is publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange. Today is an amazing day for Crytpo.

Update: So I found this Youtube video about a guy calling Baby Saitama Inu a scam. But I noticed something. Look at how many holders and the rank were set in Aug. The rank of Baby Saitama Inu was #6200 in Aug in cryptocurrencies now the rank is in the 2800s. Also, remember to buy the dips :).

Shows the rank for Baby Saitama in Aug.



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