What is RedPanda Earth Token and why should I care?

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⚗ Kevin Summersill 🔋
3 min readOct 20, 2021

The RedPanda Earth Token really does not make any sense to me at all! This token is very interesting and yes I did buy into it. Did I buy a lot of dough into this one? The answer is no. I only put in what I am willing to lose. So what in the world is the RedPanda Earth token? Well, this token is a meme token that is utilized for charity. So I do like the cause of the token. So I am starting to see a little bit of a trend here. We have Saitama Inu which is an educational token and now we have RedPanda Earth as a charity token. RedPanda Earth of course utilizes the hype of the market to up its currency. The whitepaper for RedPanda Earth can be found here. The official website for RedPanda can be found here.

So now to understand why I think that the RedPanda Earth token is so interesting. So currently as of writing this article, RedPanda Earth is ranked #904! What! Really 904. The next question to ask is what is the number of holders. The current number of holders is 8,098. What! What is the current Market Cap for this token? Well, it is currently at 15,519,910 million. Well, it's not in the billions yet, but man o man. So the next question. What is the current price? The current price as of writing this article at .000000000038! Really? Crazy. So yes I put into this one. This one is just interesting and I like to support charity.

Current RedPanda Chart

So now the question is where can you buy it. So I am a big UniSwap person. The reason is that I use a Coinbase wallet and well UniSwap supports coin base wallets. Of course, you can use MetaMask and a few others on UniSwap. First, you will of course add some Etherium to your wallet. Make sure to add enough Etherium to take care of the gas money (network fees) so that you can have enough associates to the token. Then swap the Etherium for RedPanda and you are good to go! Great, you can now be a RedPanda holder.

Also about the donations. If you are curious how much is actually going to donations, then you can look here. https://redpanda.earth/donation-tracker.html

So that is it! It looks as if RedPanda is a good solid Charity token that supports a good cause and hey if it gives you rewards in return, then good. But do not be late to the game because there are already holders out there early in the stages. Remember that this article is not for financial advice and again only put in what you can lose. Thanks



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